Stat/Transfer 14.0

Provides data transfer between packages for users, globaly
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Stat/Transfer is a very small and useful tool which assists its users to transfer statistical data from different programs simply and easily. Sometimes we need to transfer some statistical data from a particular program to another one. The reason can be either an analysis issue or optimization and correction. The statistical data hence transferred need to be accompanied with some additional information such as variable names, variable labels and other missing values. Using the Stat/Transfer application, this task of transfer and movement of statistical data becomes fast, reliable and automatic. The main advantage of using the Stat/Transfer application is that it can automatically detect the internal format of the destination program and transfer the information to it. The Stat/Transfer program can save valuable time and effort of the users and can also do the debugging, eliminating errors that may have crept in. The software also features a command processor for setting up a fully automatic batch transfer mode using the command line.

Neeraj Joshi
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  • Support for batch transfer mode


  • Not a freeware
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